The Legend of Abuela Rose Hits #1 on Amazon!

We’ve been running successful launch of The Legend of Aubela Rose this weekend and want to share with you that this book has spend the majority of the weekend in the #1 position in two different categories, and continues to be #1 in the Pirates category. We thank all our readers for making this Best-Selling book […]

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New Release: The Legend of Abuela Rose, Pirates and Legends Book One

Just Released!   The first book in my new series for youth ages 8 to 14 is The Legend of Abuela Rose, Pirates and Legends Book One. Heart broken and afraid, Gabriella – the beautiful granddaughter of Abuela Rose – stands atop a windy mountain wondering what will become of her and the life she […]


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I loved it and can’t wait to share this story with my children. It is a quick, fun read. The characters are interesting and some are sweet and funny. The descriptions of the town and events are written creatively but not too lengthy. I love how this story is unique, like the setting and the storyline, especially compared to other books being written in recent years. It is so uplifting, humorous and had a good moral.

“Creative, Uplifting, Humorous” – 5-Star Review

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What child doesn’t like stories about pirates and far way places? I started reading this with my 7-year-old who is quit intrigued and loves the idea of Abula. I read the book in a few days. The transformation the “bad pirate” undergoes makes a great lesson to remind us all never to give up on ourselves or anyone else. Love the ending!

Christopher Farner – Amazon 5-Star Review


The Legend of Abuela Rose is a wonderful story for young readers and parents will enjoy reading it to their children as well. It teaches many wonderful virtues such as love for family, kindness, forgiveness, and repentance. The sweet Gabriella transforms all those she comes in contact with by her acts of kindness. Because of service a rough pirate transforms to a generous and kind man. It is a sweet love story. It would make a cute Disney movie!

Jackie Mellyn (Amazon 5-Star Review)


What a great short story of an amazing journey toward truth. I recommend this to any age, and anyone.

Steve (Amazon 5-Star Review)

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“So Many Miracles” is a wonderful read! The author writes with humility and sincerity, even as her comedic talents are in great abundance. Through the progression of her account, we realize huge changes can happen in everyone’s lives. Life can be better and more fulfilling…hearts can change. Kudos to D. Ann Nadeau for a thoroughly uplifting and entertaining book.

Definitely a five star read!

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So Many Miracles Review: I couldn’t stop reading! I loved these stories and I love this author! I laughed and cried as I read the pages. My husband asked me what was so funny and I shared an excerpt from the chapter I was reading and now he is reading the book too. So much wisdom to be gained from this book.

Sherry Bradford

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What a joy it is to work with D.Ann in the publication of her books. Her humor is as engaging as her characters are inspirational. It’s an honor to be her publisher and her friend.


Jan Myers, LJM Publishing, LLC

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